Imagine an elastic and resistant raw material, suitable for intensive use thanks to its physical-mechanical characteristics. Now imagine that this raw material is processed with a low environmental impact production process. This raw material, characterized by the combination of robustness and low emissions into the atmosphere, would be very useful for road safety.

This raw material exists, its name is recycled rubber!

FORNITURE INDUSTRIALI B.M.G. protects the environment by investing resources in the search of a production cycle capable to give new life to exhausted rubber. The use of recycled rubber for road safety demonstrates how sensitivity to the environment can be achieved with concrete gestures, perceivable by each person. Even the "bad" raised pedestrian crossing that make you slow, if viewed from this perspective appear a little less unpleasant. Precisely for this reason, we have developed a green production, for those who, like us, look for eco-friendly alternatives in the field of road safety. Our items are produced in Italy and are certified by ReMade in Italy which certifies the quantity of recycled material used for the production of a product. Most of our products comply with GPP (Green Public Procurement).

We protect the environment and we prove it at every road intersection!

Forniture Industriali B.M.G.

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