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The history and values of our company


La nostra storia

Since the beginning, BMG has been a dynamic company, responsive to market needs and dedicated to the relentless search for new products capable of satisfying our clients' needs.

Our story began in 1975 when Camillo Barsanti opened his first small production plant manufacturing gaskets and technical products in Novi Ligure. After extensive experience in the naval and industrial supplies sector, it seemed the natural thing to do.  Combining the creative skills of artisans with modern technological processes, we succeeded in offering our customers innovative and long-lasting solutions to meet their needs.


In the years that followed, we embarked on our adventure in the field of road signage.  We realised from the start that our expertise in plastics, and specifically rubber, would be valuable in producing complementary signage systems. Road safety, particularly for vulnerable road users, thus became a priority for our company.


During the new millennium, thanks to our twenty years’ experience in working with plastics, we are convinced that protecting our environment can be achieved through practical solutions.  We have chosen to preserve the natural world by investing our resources in research.  We have designed a production process that is capable of reusing rubber from end-of-life tyres for those, who like us, are looking for eco-friendly alternatives in road safety.

Today, many of our products are made from recycled rubber and ReMade in Italy® certified. A certification that testifies the amount of recycled material in our products and assesses their compliance with GPP (Green Public Procurement ).


La nostra visione

Green like rubber.

We care about the environment, and we prove it every step of the way!

Imagine that we have a raw material that is elastic, resistant, and suitable for heavy use, thanks to its physical and chemical properties. Let us also imagine that this material is processed using an environmentally friendly production process. Such a substance, combining robustness with minimal environmental emissions, would be extremely useful in road safety.

Such raw materials do exist; it is called recycled rubber!


The use of recycled rubber for road safety purposes shows how protecting the environment can be achieved through practical measures. Even those annoying raised pedestrian crossings that force us to slow down look a little less unpleasant from this perspective.


For this reason, our mission is to improve road safety in an environmentally sustainable way. To do this, we chose to protect the environment by investing our resources into a production process capable of reusing rubber from end-of-life tyres.  Additionally, all our range of products are made from secondary raw materials and certified ReMade in Italy®.

We care about the environment, and we prove it every step of the way!

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