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The Rubber Speed Bump slows motor-vehicle down in order to improve safety conditions. Central element is integrated with reflective elastoplastic inserts to obtain a better visibility during night. The terminal element allows the edge to slope down to the ground without sudden variations in height and therefore its use is strongly recommended.

The rubber speed bump is available in three different heights:

  • Speed Bump 3 cm high

Speed: less than 50 km/h

Central element: 50x60xh 3 cm

Terminal element: 24x60xh 3 cm

  • Speed Bump 5 cm high

Speed: less than 40 km/h

Central element: 50x90xh 5 cm

Terminal element: 27,5x90xh 5 cm

  • Speed Bump 7 cm high

Speed: less than 30 km/h

Central element: 34x120xh 7 cm

Terminal element: 30,5x120xh 7 cm

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